Case Studies

My mission is to help people around me recognize wealth through Real Estate. This can take on many forms, whether you are a first-time home buyer, a real estate investor, or a real estate agent. Review the following case studies to see what building wealth through real estate looks like (I must also say – every person’s scenario is unique, and you may or may not qualify for any of the items listed below).

Jeff Hohman Loan Officer

Case Study 1

Case Study 1 – Theresa. Theresa initially came to me after being denied by several other lenders. At the time (2018), she had good, stable employment, but did not have an established credit history. She also did not have any money saved for a down payment or closing costs. We reviewed several down-payment assistance options and low down payment loans and were able to get Theresa her first home with no money out of pocket!

Over the next few years, Theresa and her family experienced a series of tragedies. When she reached out to me in 2022, her financial situation had taken a turn for the worst. Part of it was COVID related, but most of it was other personal and unavoidable calamities. She had lost her lucrative job and had been having trouble finding and maintaining stable and profitable employment. She had been running up credit cards just to keep her family fed. She had recently got a new job with decent pay, but it was still too little, too late. She was making just under $6,000 per month, but had about $8,000 in monthly bills to pay. She had already missed mortgage payments, as well as payments on other credit cards and loans. She had taken personal loans from banks and family members in a “rob Peter to pay Paul” type of scenario. She was at her wits end, about to lose everything, and did not know what to do. She called me as a last option, with hopes that I could help.

Fortunately, the house that she previously bought had gained substantial equity, even after recent slow-downs in the housing market. It was difficult – but we found a way to use that equity to help her out. We lowered her total monthly payments from around $8,000/mn to just over $3,000/mn. She is no longer at risk of losing her house, and she can pay all of her bills and still put food on her family’s table. The best part is that even after doing this, she still has almost $80,000 equity remaining in her home! She went from a financial rock-bottom to monthly cash flow and a positive net worth!

Case Study 2

Case Study 2 – Amanda and her husband Mark had worked hard and were rewarded with above-average income and savings. They were actually Private Clients of Chase Bank. “Private Client” is a status large banks give to clients with certain qualifications. Large banks offer special benefits to Private Clients in an attempt to keep them doing all of their banking needs with that company.

Amanda and Mark decided they wanted to start investing in real estate. But despite their Private Client status, their bank was having a hard time pre-approving them. Over the last 3 years, despite a constantly fluctuating and uncertain market, we have thought outside the box and found options for them to finance multiple properties. In my business, every client is a private client!

Case Study 3

Case Study 3 – Jose is a Real Estate Broker in charge of a successful office and several top-producing agents. I sat down to lunch with Jose one day – it was my first time meeting him in person. Jose explained that his team use to be a boutique real estate shop, but recently joined a large nationally-recognized real estate company. To cover the additional expenses after the switch, Jose was forced to renegotiate the compensation agreement with all of his agents, leaving them with less money after each transaction. We wanted to bring on an in-house lender, but also wanted to find a way to return the original commission splits back to his agents, all with out violating federal laws prohibiting kickbacks and referral fees.

We brought together a team of lawyers and compliance experts and developed a solution that allows Jose to cover his expenses in a transparent and legal manner. The ultimate result is that Jose has all of his business expenses covered, and each of his agents are earning greater commissions on closed transactions. I relentlessly pursue ways to help my referral partners, whether individual agents or large teams, grow their business and get more buyers and listings!

Helping people understand, acquire, and make money from real estate is my specialty. There are many ways to earn wealth in real estate. When markets change, instead of going into a panic, I pivot and find alternative ways to make real estate profitable.